Torie Alexandra

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Life should be about feeling beautiful and happy - always. Not just when you reach that desired size, lose those 4 kilos, drive a better car or achieve whatever the next best thing is. We need to learn to be happy now & take charge now. Stop staring at Instagram photos for inspiration of unattainable goals and then get disappointed with yourself when you look in the mirror. We idolize too much, fantasize too often and lose track of what makes ourselves special, unique & beautiful. This blog is all about taking control of life again. Starting to find joy in all the little things we have forgotten about and realizing that you don’t have to be Instagram ‘perfect’ to be happy. Life is meant for living, for me it’s through food, training, travel & friends. Here I will be exploring, sharing, reviewing, recommending & advising all the things that make up fitness, food & life. ♥